Halloween Candy Collection

Halloween Candy Collection


This committee collects Flint Hill families’ leftover Halloween candy in the days immediately following Halloween. Students bring the donated candy into the Front Office, and then the donated candy (usually over 200 pounds) is given to charity.


The tasks of this committee are to:

• Select the charity which will receive the candy.

• Determine the length of the at-school candy collection.

• Collect the donated candy from school.

• Sort the candy (if necessary).

• Deliver the candy to the charity’s drop-off location.


From 2011- 2015, the Halloween Candy Collection was known as Treats for Troops, and the school’s donated candy was given to organizations that then shipped it to the US military abroad.


In 2016, Flint Hill ES’ donated candy went to Mattie’s Miracles Cancer Foundation in Arlington, VA. The candy now fills the cancer ward’s snack cart for friends and family visiting pediatric patients undergoing treatment.


This program needs a new chairperson in 2017. Please contact the outgoing program chair, Eliza Morss, at eliza.morss@gmail.com for further information.