Health and Safety Committee


Health and Safety Committee – This volunteer provides support to health and safety related events at Flint Hill such as the INOVA Blood Drive, programs supporting fire and traffic safety, and safe routes to and from school. One goal of this committee is to increase biking and walking to and from school.

In December 2012, the Health and Safety Committee of the PTA applied to Virginia Department of Transportation’s Safe Routes To School Program for a grant of $365,000 to support state of the art improvements to our crosswalks and bike paths closest to school.

The H&S Committee was notified this week that FHES was awarded a grant for the following projects:

  1.  $130,000 for new crosswalks, street, ramp, and curb improvements, and rapid flash pedestrian warning beacons at Vale Road and Flint Hill Road. The crosswalks will be moved from their present locations to better align them with safer and more efficient pedestrian crossing routes, and will be raised and marked with highly visible reflectors and painted with safety yellow reflective paint. The rapid flash pedestrian warning beacons will automatically activate when a pedestrian approaches the crosswalks and will flash LED lighting in the same highly visible and attention grabbing pattern rapid flash pattern as is used on emergency vehicles.
  2.  $105,000 for the same type of crosswalk as above-located at the south entrance to the school.

The committee worked for over a year to compile travel data, gather map and demographic information, meet with school, local and state officials, and ultimately write a Travel Plan and Grant Application that was approved by the both the State of Virginia and County of Fairfax Departments of Transportation. the Fairfax County Public Schools Office of Safety and Security, the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors, the FHES Administration, and the PTA.

Construction is to begin in the 2015 timeframe, after environmental studies, designs, and engineering are all completed. Only 2 of 137 elementary schools in Fairfax County were awarded grants.

For information on the Safety Committee and Tech Committee Reports, click on the links below:

Flint Hill Elementary School Health and Safety Presentation PTA 10-8-2013