School Directory

School Directory (Contact Natacha Moore at for more information about this committee) – This volunteer provides all PTA members access to phone numbers, addresses, parent emails, and class lists through an online directory so that parents can set up play dates and students can reach out to others when they have forgotten their homework at school.

 To access the school directory, you must be a member of the PTA; click here to join.  Once registered, your directory login information will be sent to you.  If you lost your password, go to the school directory link and click on Forgot your password?

It’s really easy to add the MySchoolAnywhere mobile to your iPhone to go back again and again.
Follow these simple steps:
1.  Go directly to  OR go to on your phone and go to the Parent login.  You’ll be directed to the mobile login.
2.  Tap the share button at the bottom of the screen.
 3.  Tap the button labeled Add to Home Screen.
4.  Give the icon a name and tap Add in the top right corner.
5.  An icon will now be on your phone and available anytime you need to log in.