Show What You Know

Show What You Know 2017

The Show What You Know Expo is Friday, March 3rd!


**Please read entire post

A parent or adult must chaperone your student(s) attending the expo the afternoon/evening of March 3rd. We cannot be responsible for monitoring unaccompanied students at the event. Please do not tell your student to go to the expo and you will meet them there. Please follow standard FHES procedures for picking up your student at the end of the day if you plan to attend the event with them directly from dismissal.

The Show What You Know Expo is taking place on Friday, March 3rd! All participating students should bring their project to the gym when they arrive to school on the 3rd. Friends and family can visit the Expo from after school on Friday, March 3rd until 6:00 p.m.

We need many volunteers to help ensure the success of the Expo. Please consider signing up for one or more opportunities using this link:

Participants: Here is some important information to know as you finalize your project: Please be sure that your name is on the front of your poster board. Include your grade and teacher’s name neatly on the front or back of the board. Keep in mind that live animals, and liquids are not permitted in the gym. Your board will be on display in the gym during the entire school day and remain in the gym through the evening program (ending at 6:00 p.m.). If you are working with a partner and the partner is bringing in the project, please come to the gym in the morning on March 3rd so that you can receive your participation prize. Please have your parent or guardian notify me as soon as possible if your project requires electricity. There are a limited number of electrical outlets available on a first come, first served basis. I will contact your parent/guardian to confirm access to electricity and provide additional information to ensure you can “plug in.”

The projects will be on display for class visits throughout the school day on Friday, March 3rd. Please exercise discretion about including valuable collections or fragile items in your display. If you want to include loose items or props with your board but don’t want them to be touched, please make a “do not touch” sign to display with the props. Friends and family are invited to visit the Expo from after school until 6:00 p.m.on March 3rd. This is an “open house” type of event – you do not need to be present the entire time. Come whenever you wish and stay for as long as you like. You are not required to stand in front of your display during the Expo, but if you want to spend some time in front of your board, please do so! Visitors might have questions or compliments about your project!

***VERY IMPORTANT: Your display must be removed from the gym on Friday evening, March 3rd. If you come to the Expo in the evening, please remember to take your display with you when you leave (even if you leave early). If you do not come to the Expo on Friday afternoon/evening, please make arrangements for a friend to take home your display. There is VERY LIMITED storage space in the gym for projects that have been left behind and we cannot guarantee the safe return of anything left behind. Please contact me if you have any questions. Thank you for participating in this event! I look forward to seeing you at the Expo.

Contact Susannah Cretal at if you have questions.