Special Education – Inclusive Week

Inclusive Schools Week is an annual, international event celebrated the first week in December.  It’s a time designated to acknowledge the hard work and commitment of teachers, administrators, students, and parents in making their schools more inclusive, and thereby, significantly contributing to the development of a more inclusive society.

Inclusion week offers a significant opportunity for educators, students, and parents to engage in dialogue about inclusive education.  It is a time when schools and communities can continue the journey toward providing a quality education to all children regardless of differences in ability, gender, ethnicity, language and health status.

During inclusive week in their morning meetings, our students participated in themed activities and talked about inclusion. Teachers discussed with their class what word/character trait best describes their class community  What type of community do our students want to establish? What can you do, as a team/class/grade level, to forward your thinking? Our teachers also read books that helped further the discussions about kindness, friendships and other inclusive ideas.

Mrs. Datta, our Special Education Liaison/Inclusion Liaison, has helped our school plan for Inclusive Schools Week this year. She provided the inclusive breakfast for our teachers and will also decorated the bulletin board in the front lobby. This year the theme for Inclusive Schools Week is “Stand up and sit tall for inclusion“. Every student was given a shoe to color in, the bulletin board showcased every shoe in the school. This inclusive art piece represents Flint Hill’s promise to stand up and sit tall for inclusion.